The Dog and Deuce ShowDog and Deuce is a sports podcast hosted by long time friends  Allen “Dog” Martindale and James “Deuce” Dyer.

Sing Along Forever – Ashley and Allen are married and together host Sing Along Forever, a show about relationships, marriage and advice.  This is what your neighbors are like behind closed doors.

The Jockularity Show – When sports and comedy meet head on…what could go wrong? In this new podcast Rick and Dave talk to players, coaches and comics on every episode.

Ministry of Cinema – Indie filmmaking techniques, film reviews and more. Mikey and Allen sit down weekly to talk all things film.


Have you ever wanted to start an audio or video podcast?  If so head on over to our studio site ( or email us at  Avoid the headache of dealing with the technical side and let us handle it for you.  We have professional grade equipment and a wealth of knowledge and experience to get your podcast started off right.
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